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JUNO Tracks Lighting
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JUNO Tracks-Juno Led Track Lighting

Juno LED Track Lighting

Fit for JUNO rail, 90+ CRI, 3000K-6000K customzied CCT, White and Black for choice, juno led track lighting. Flintlight is a China wall track lighting manufacture,  Our juno track lighting  fixtures have helped a lot of commercial projects. Buy juno tracks directly from  competitive China led track lighting supplier.

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China Track Lighting Heads Specifications

12W Dimmable JUNO Track Lights

DESC: 12W China track lighting heads/800lm/CRI90/CCT: 3000K

Are Halo and Juno Track Compatible? What is the difference between J track and H track?

No, Halo tracks and Juno tracks are two different types of LED light track, which are different in styles of connectors and connectors to facilitate track connection and achieve a variety of turn installation.

There are lighting styles to choose from, naturally there are also track styles to choose from, and can be equipped with different track accessories to facilitate everyone to try a variety of track forms.

In the design to consider the combination of lighting control to choose the type of track, the track has a standard length, Flintlight LED light track can be used in practice according to the different ceiling direction and juno track lighting installation needs to do flexible regulation.

What is the difference between track and rail lighting?

Monorail is visually more appealing. However, unless the track or rail has to be some distance from the ceiling, much of that difference is moot as the track can sort of blend into the ceiling. You can curve monorail where track has to remain straight. Monorail is low voltage,for example,the Juno led track lighting, so you need to stash a transformer whereas track is line voltage and can accommodate low voltage as well as line voltage fixtures. You can get great fixtures,including Juno track lighting fixtures, for either system so it really depends on your application, taste and budget.

JUNO Tracks Features

Fit for JUNO rails. Light direction adjustable.
Uniform illumination with integrated spot type LED (COB) with parabolic aluminized reflector.
No UV, No IR.

Customer Testimonials

What our customers are saying

Customer Testimonials

This is a big improvement over the old, hot-burning, clunky track lighting heads I had before. They look great and are really easy to install. 

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