How to Choose the LED Light Bulb?

First look at the LED light bulb chip

You can use some small methods to identify it, such as using a magnifying glass to observe the chip or testing the brightness of two different chips under the same conditions. LED light bulbs, downlights, and track lights should not have obvious color temperature errors such as spots or circles when shining on white walls. If there are such phenomena, it indicates that the quality of the light source chip is poor.

If time permits, you can take two lamps of the same specification and first compare their brightness, then continuously light up one of them for a week, and then compare the brightness with the one previously tested. If there is no obvious dimming, it means that the light decay is small and the quality of the light source chip is good. For multi-chip products, which are convenient to remove the bottom cover to see the light source chip, they can all use the method of closing their eyes and lighting up when the power is turned off, and they will see the residual light of the light source chip. If the residual light disappears with too much time error, it indicates that the quality of the light source chip is uneven, or it is an inferior light source chip, and the whole lamp is easy to damage and has a short life, so it is not suitable for purchase.

Then look at the color of the LED light bulb

Pay attention to the color of the LED. The light color of high-quality LED light bulbs must be the same and there should be no yellow or other colors. If you don't know how to distinguish, here is a small method. Only by turning on these electric lights and observing their color changes can you get the answer you want. Because LED lights are bright, it is difficult to judge their brightness by directly looking at two brands of lamps of the same type under the same conditions, and this method is also easy to harm eyesight. Usually, we recommend using a white paper to cover the light source, and then compare the difference in brightness after the light is attenuated by the white paper. The higher the brightness, the better. In addition, the color temperature closest to sunlight is the best.

Look at the power of the LED light bulb

If you buy a LED light bulb to install in the corridor and use it occasionally, just choose one with good light color. But if it is installed on the ceiling of the living room as the main lighting, then you need to pay attention to the power.

To determine which power is suitable, you need to do a small test. Firstly, look at the height of the ceiling. If it is 3 meters, you can light up the LED light bulb at a distance of 3 meters from the wall, and there should be 1-2 screw-in lamps in between. Then shine the LED light bulb on the wall. If the light can still shine on the wall like this, then this bulb is basically a good bulb that meets the lighting requirements.

By the way, for ceiling-mounted fixtures that are used as main lighting, they must be directed towards the floor. Otherwise, even high-power LED light bulbs will be useless.

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