Smart Switch or Smart Light Lamp ?

Smart light lamp first and foremost means that the lights can be intelligently turned on and off. The so-called intelligent turning on means that the lights can be controlled by an app or through intelligent linkage. Secondly, it means that users can adjust the color temperature and brightness (even the color) to adapt to different situations. Generally, kitchen and entryway lights only need to have intelligent turning on, while bedrooms and living rooms have the need to adjust brightness and color temperature.

In order to achieve the above two points, generally, changes need to be made to the switch and the lighting fixtures. First, let's briefly introduce the intelligent switch and smart light lamp bulbs.

The intelligent switch can generally achieve remote opening and closing by connecting to a gateway or network, and the principle is still the control of the light switch by controlling the circuit. The smart light lamp bulb can generally independently achieve opening and closing and adjusting brightness, color temperature, and even color after connecting to the network or gateway.

Short-circuit the smart light lamp without a switch

This method can achieve smart light lamp switch and can also adjust brightness and color temperature. However, it has a fatal weakness and is therefore not highly recommended for those who are just starting to play with smart homes. This method can be said to be very radical, and so far, only a few enthusiasts have tried it. The advantages and disadvantages are analyzed below:


  • Completely intelligent, can turn on and off and adjust brightness and color temperature.

  • Saves the cost of the switch, and the walls can even have no switch boxes.


  • Fatal weakness! Since it is a smart light lamp bulb, the device needs to be reset and reconnected. You need to turn the light on and off five times to reset the device.

Since there is no switch in this method, the device can only be reset by repeatedly clicking the air switch. Generally, household circuits  for lighting run through one line. Therefore, when you reset a light bulb, you may reset all the light bulbs in the entire house.

  • Since there is no switch, you can only rely on intelligent linkage, voice control, and wireless switches. If the first two are not enough, you need to install more wireless switches.

Ordinary switch + smart light lamp

When the ordinary switch is turned on, it is similar to the first method, and can achieve smart light lamp switch and adjust brightness and color temperature. There won't be a problem of "resetting all the light bulbs" in this method, but the problem is that this switch may turn off! It may be turned off inadvertently, or it may be turned off by your parents or visiting friends. The advantage of this method is that there is no need to replace the switch. But the disadvantages are very obvious:

When the switch is turned off, the smart light lamp becomes completely uncontrollable. In other words, it is no longer intelligent!

When it is no longer intelligent, you will really be very annoyed, and you will have to go and turn on the switch again, which is even more annoying.

In summary, it is not recommended to use this method.

Intelligent switch + smart light lamp

The advantage of this method is that the switch can be turned off when leaving home, which means that the lighting is disconnected. It can also freely manipulate the lighting when the switch is turned on. However, this method may also have the problem in method 2, because when the intelligent switch is turned off, the smart light lamp bulb is really disconnected! You can ensure that the switch is in a power-on state when turning on the light by resetting the relevant instruction logic.

However, there will still be some problems with voice-controlled lighting. For example, if you say "turn on the living room light at the lowest brightness" when the switch is off, the lighting cannot respond because it is disconnected.

Considering the high cost and the existing disadvantages, this method is not recommended.

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