How to Avoid Glare in G9 G4 LED Bulb Home Lighting?

G9 G4 LED bulb is a very popular lighting tool now, which has the advantages of energy saving and durability, but at the same time, G9 G4 LED bulb will produce glare, and the light of G9 G4 LED bulb is dazzling and glare, which is very harmful to human eyes. So, how do the G9 G4 LED bulbs eliminate glare?

1. G9 G4 LED bulbs with anti-glare

The anti-glare of lamps is required to have a protective angle, which is the minimum value of the incident angle of the eyes of the head-up observer at any position, and has the effect of limiting direct glare.

Under normal horizontal line-of-sight conditions, in order to prevent direct glare from high-brightness light sources, G9 G4 LED bulbs must have a shading angle of at least 10°-15°. In environments with high lighting quality requirements, G4 G9 led bulbs should have a shading angle of 30°.

In addition to the shading angle, there is also a deep anti-glare plus honeycomb mesh to achieve anti-glare effect. Such lamps, no matter which angle you look at, will not produce glare.

2. Reasonable and scientific layout of G9 G4 LED bulb position

What kind of lighting is scientific and reasonable? The first thing that must be clear is that the lighting should be designed according to the actual layout of the product, rather than a straight line.

If the product needs to change its position frequently, you can choose a spotlight with a larger adjustable angle. Taking the bedroom as an example, how to avoid glare? The lamps should be installed at the corresponding positions outside the bed and projected obliquely, so as to satisfy the brightening effect of the bedding and avoid direct glare.

3. The number of G9 G4 LED bulbs is controlled within a reasonable range

In home lighting or shop lighting, it is not the more G9 G4 LED bulbs the better, but the decision based on the actual product material, exhibition area, color, paint, etc.

A square of solid wood furniture is equipped with 7-8 watts, while upholstered furniture requires 10-12 watts. According to this method, it can not only meet the general lighting needs, but also highlight the characteristics of the product and create an alternating light and dark space atmosphere.

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