What Are the Purchasing Skills of Smart Lamps?

Smart light lamps have many advantages and good performance. Smart light lamps are widely used in our daily life, especially in the advertising industry. almost all people will choose smart LED lamps with high cost performance. We should pay attention to some matters in the purchase of smart light lamps. Let's introduce the purchasing skills of smart light lamps.

Beware of the low price trap when choose smart LED bulb manufacturing

The price of smart led bulb manufacturing varies greatly. The price of a smart LED lamp with the same color and brightness can vary several times. This gap is mainly reflected in the reliability, light attenuation and appearance technology of LED.

The low-cost smart LED lamp chip has a small size, rough electrodes, poor materials (phosphor and glue), poor current resistance, poor temperature and humidity change, fast light decay and short service life. Therefore, blindly pursuing low price may make the loss outweighs the gain.

Relevant standards should be recognized clearly when choose smart LED bulb manufacturing

From the perspective of safety, the product shall comply with relevant national standards. As smart LED lamp is a new product, safety certification is the standard to measure the quality of the choose smart LED bulb manufacturing. At the same time, there are not many manufacturers with safety certification and national product quality certificates. It is necessary to carefully identify the authenticity of the certificate when purchasing types of smart light bulbs. The price of types of smart bulbs with national safety certification is generally high.

Select the smart LED bulb manufacturing with constant current power supply

The price of resistance, capacitance, IC and other components of LED driving power supply varies greatly. The rationality of the scheme adopted by the whole power supply and the design of the circuit itself will directly affect the quality of products.

Some driving power supplies are only constant voltage and do not achieve constant current, while smart LED lamps must have constant current to better ensure quality and service life. Therefore, this point needs additional attention when purchasing, especially for high-power LED lamps.

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