Candelabra Smart Bulbs

Control your smart light bulbs via your voice to work with Alexa and google home. 2.4GHz Wi-Fi network. No hub required,2700-6500K,400 Lumens Brightness.

With Flint dimmable LED candelabra smart bulbs light, you can create a warm and inviting atmosphere. Flint Warm Glow smart candelabra light bulbs make the light level dimmable to the warm color of traditional bulbs, thus bringing a new kind of dimmable LED experience. You can change the lighting atmosphere to make it from functional lighting to warm and inviting lighting.

Types of Smart Candelabra Light Bulbs

We have two types of smart candelabra light bulbs for sale-----the B11 Smart Bulbs and B11 Smart Full Colour Bulbs. The candelabra color changing bulbs have for adjustable lights. The B11 Smart Bulbs warm white 2200-6000K LED bulb possess unique shape style, 2700K which has the same lighting pattern as incandescent bulbs, producing a warm, friendly, personal, intimate atmosphere.

B11 Smart Bulbs (2200-6500K)
B11 Smart Bulbs (2200-6500K)
B11 tuya smart bulb, 2200-6000K CCT adjustable.
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B11 Smart Full Color Bulbs
B11 Smart Full Color Bulbs
B11 tuya smart bulb, RED, BLUE, GREEN, WHITE adjustable.
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Smart Candelabra Light Bulbs Features

1. The Technical features-Use the large-size LED chips in the filament, full brightness of 450 lumens, input voltage of 120V, power of 4 watts, stiff candle holder base, with overload protection, short circuit protection and overheat protection

2. Outdoor candelabra smart bulbs are energy saving and good for environmental protection Equivalent to a 40W incandescent lamp, it can save more than 90% of lighting electricity costs. 

3. It is made of ultra-thin crystal, transparent glass which has high light transmittance, no mercury and no ultraviolet rays. ETL certification, CE and RoHS certification are passed.

The Difference Between Smart Candelabra Light Bulbs and Color Changing Bulbs

Most B11 Smart Bulbs warm white 2200-6000K LED bulb cannot be used for LED bulb colour dimming. To dim the LED bulbs, please use our candelabra color-changing bulbs with a dimmer switch to support four different light colour. There is no uniform technical specification in the LED industry. Different bulbs and LED dimmers are usually designed by different technologies, so some LED dimmers are not compatible with adjustable LED bulbs, especially smart dimmers. 

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