Application of Linear LED Track Lamp in Different Scenes

Linear LED track lamp

  • There are many types of track lights, with the common cylindrical shape being the most popular. However, the linear track spotlight introduces a new possibility for track lighting, breaking the conventional belief that track lights can only provide focused illumination.

  • The linear design gives the impression of an extended space, with the penetrating lines providing depth and transparency to the area. The surface area of the strip light is large, making it suitable for basic lighting, creating ambient lighting. The design of the light surface also makes the light source softer and less glaring.

  • The long strip track light has the advantage of adjustable lighting, with a 360° horizontal and 180° vertical adjustment range. It can be flexibly adjusted to illuminate any area. It can also be combined with circular track lights, making it easy to match lighting needs in various spaces.

  • In addition to the above advantages, the long strip track light also has the advantage of spotlighting. It can adjust the illuminated area horizontally to 360° and vertically to 180°. It is flexible and can be easily combined with other track lights, satisfying various lighting needs in a space.

Suitable scenes for linear LED track lamp

Foyer/Corridor: track + strip light

Areas such as foyers and corridors are generally not equipped with windows, causing poor lighting and a lack of natural light sources. Hence, these areas need artificial light sources both day and night.

Using a track light that leads straight to the end in the transitional area like a foyer, creates an impressive and welcoming atmosphere as you enter. A 3-meter-long black track embedded in the center of the foyer ceiling, combined with 4 strip spotlights, provides a bright and soft lighting environment to the foyer.

Cloakroom/Corridor: Track + strip light + spotlight

The combination of basic lighting and spotlighting not only ensures a bright lighting environment but also provides specific supplementary lighting to highlight details, enriching the lighting effect and enhancing the sense of space. It gives a feeling of bringing the lights of a high-end department store into the house.

Living Room

  • Circular Design

The track surrounds a square or rectangle shape on the living room ceiling, with two strip lights installed on each side, providing a large ambient light source, ensuring even lighting without dead corners.

  • Emphasis Design

On the side of the painting or decorative hanging, highlighting the texture of the decoration. On the side of the TV background wall, to enhance the sense of space level and raise the height of the space.

  • Track light type combination

The combination of strip lights and cylinder spotlights in a LED track lamp not only ensures basic lighting but also provides specific supplementary lighting to highlight details, enriching the lighting effect and enhancing the sense of space.


It is essential to have sufficient lighting in the kitchen where safety is a significant concern. The use of strip lights and spotlights provides functional lighting. The soft light from the strip light provides a bright and gentle lighting environment, while the cylinder spotlight provides specific supplementary lighting to highlight details. Good lighting design can bring an enjoyable and safe cooking experience.


The use of track lamp in large museums and libraries creates an artistic atmosphere. Homes designing professionals don't recommend installing track lights in the study because of their concentrated light source, which is not conducive to creating a comfortable reading environment. However, strip track spotlights solve this drawback, and they can be installed on one side of a bookcase or shelf, providing even lighting to quickly locate books. Even in a small study, it can inject a strong artistic atmosphere, just like a library.

Point to line, line to surface, surface to body: This is not only a geometric rule but can also be applied to lighting. The combination of spotlights and linear lights can create a layered and textured home environment.

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