LED R7S/G9/G4 Bulbs
R7S Bulbs R7S Bulbs
R7S Bulbs
Customize from 4w to 12w high lumen COB LED R7S factories, dimmable or non-dimmable for choice.
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G4G9 Bulbs G4G9 Bulbs
G4G9 Bulbs
Customize from 2w to 4w high lumen China G4 led bulb light and cob g9 led lamps manufacturer, dimmable or non-dimmable for choice.
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Difference between G4 and G9 Bulbs

G4 and G9 refers to different models of light bulbs (lamp beads) pin type, G is on behalf of two or more pins of the lamp head lampholder, and this is used in the light bulb refers to the category of light bulb pins; behind the 4 or 9 or 5.3, 6.35, etc. are referred to the distance between the center point of the pins.

For most of the led lights are now used G4 G9 bulbs, these two differences are very obvious, the most fundamental difference is that G4 can only do low-voltage, because the distance between the pins is too close, so if your light is G4, then the light ceiling panel must have a transformer. Check directly from led light g4 manufacturer.  And now G9's only do high pressure, that is, if your light is G9's then there must be no transformer above the light.

The difference between g4 g9 bulbs lie in the level of operating voltage. G9 bulbs common operate voltage ranges from 220-240V). G4 bulbs are of low voltage between 12V and 24V in China led lighting G4 manufacturer

More about LED R7S/G9/G4 Bulbs

More about LED R7S/G9/G4 Bulbs

How Efficient Are LED R7S/G9/G4 Bulbs?

Energy Saving and Long Lifespan: Save 90% on electricity bill of lighting. Lifespan is over 25000 hours, save effort and maintenance costs on changing bulbs frequently.

Instant-on to full brightness, no buzzing sound, the LED lamp protects our eyes and environment.

Widely used: Widely used for Indoor or Outdoor, Work and Security Lights, Workshop Lighting, Garage, Storage Room, Stage, and Studio Lamp, LED Ceramic Metal Halide Lamp, Floor Lamps.

Are G4G9 bulbs interchangeable/G4 G9 difference

There are many difference between g4 and g9 bulbs. The most obvious difference is their appearance. On the one hand, G4 bulbs have straight prongs, have relatively small bulk, while G9 bulbs have looped prongs, relatively big sizes. On the other hand, the G4 bulbs only are used as low voltage bulbs which need to match the compatible transformer, while G9 bulbs only can be used as high voltage bulbs. So in terms of the application, G4 G9 Bulbs can not be interchangeable.

The advantages and application of G4G9 bulbs

G4 G9 LED bulbs to have various advantages respectively. G4 bulb is one of the energy-saving bulbs with a relatively long life compared with other bulbs. It can be widely applied in many lamps like flat low voltage lamps, crystal light, chandelier light, wall lamps and so on. On the other hand, G9 bulbs also can save energy and be used as shop decorative lighting, automotive lighting, ship decorative lighting, amusement park lighting, some high-tech decoration and other high-end fields. Wholesale buy from China G4 led manufacturer and G9 led light bulb manufacturer

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