What Are the Opportunities for the LED Lighting Industry?

1. Popularization and national policy support of LED lighting products

In order to improve energy efficiency, protect the environment, and deal with global climate change, the governments of developed countries/regions such as the United States, the European Union, and Japan have successively issued policies to ban traditional incandescent lamps and support and promote the development of the LED lighting industry.

2. LED lighting technology continues to develop and prices continue to drop

The advancement of technology determines the rapid growth of the LED lighting industry. LED lighting products to replace energy-saving lamps is the development trend of the lighting industry.

The progress of LED lighting technology is mainly reflected in two aspects:

(1) Continuous improvement of light efficiency

According to the data of the National Semiconductor Lighting Engineering R&D and Industry Alliance, the luminous efficiency of industrialized high-power white LEDs in 2018 exceeded 180lm/W, the luminous efficiency of LED indoor lamps exceeded 100lm/W, and the luminous efficiency of outdoor lamps exceeded 130lm/W.

(2) The cost price keeps falling

Affected by the improvement of upstream chip technology, the increase in production capacity and the optimization of the lighting production process, the cost of main raw materials has gradually decreased, reducing the production cost of LED lighting.

3. Application field of LED lighting products continues to expand

With the rapid development of LED lighting technology, the performance indicators of LED lighting products such as stability, service life, intelligence, display, and light efficiency are becoming more and more mature, reaching a state that meets market demand. LED lighting products have not only met the needs of general lighting, but have derived various application fields according to different application scenarios, and the market scope has been continuously expanded and extended.

Before the 1990s, the LED lighting industry was in the early stage of development. The product design is single and the price is relatively high, and the application market is mainly driven by the demand for signal lights and indicators. Since the mid-to-late 1990s, the LED lighting industry has entered a stage of rapid development. The development of blue and green light technology and the decline in product prices made LED lighting rapidly popularized in the commercial field and became the main driving force for the development of the LED lighting market at that time.

With the continuous maturity of technology and the further reduction of prices, LED lighting products have gradually penetrated in many fields such as home lighting and industrial lighting in recent years, forming a huge potential application market. In the future, with the development of landscape lighting, automotive lighting and other sub-sectors, the market demand for LED lighting will continue to grow rapidly.

4. China has a complete LED lighting industry chain and the industry has entered a mature stage of development

China's LED lighting industry started in the late 1960s. After nearly 50 years of development, the LED lighting industry has made remarkable achievements, and has formed a complete industrial chain including the production of LED epitaxial wafers, the preparation of LED chips, packaging and the application of LED products.

At the same time, China attaches great importance to the research and development of LED lighting technology, and has successively launched green lighting projects and semiconductor lighting projects. In ten key energy-saving projects, high-tech industrialization demonstration projects, special projects for enterprise technology upgrading and structural adjustment, and 863 plan new materials, we have successively supported the research and development and industrialization projects of LED lighting technology, thus having a good research and development foundation. And it has certain advantages in downstream LED lighting integration applications.

In addition, the application scope of LED lighting products is more and more extensive, and its downstream application fields such as outdoor venues, stadiums have gradually established relevant management specifications. In addition, the Ministry of Railways, the Ministry of Communications, and the Ministry of Public Security have also established relevant standards for LED lighting application products.

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