Foot Dimmer Switch for Floor Lamp
Flintlight LED Foot Dimmer
Foot Dimmer Switch for LED Floor Lamp

LED Foot Dimmer

 LED foot dimmer switch for floor lamp, rated loading 150w Max, works for dimmable LED lights, CRL, Incandescent and Halogen Bulbs. White and black and brown for choice.

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What is a LED foot dimmer switch for floor lamp and how it works?

Led Foot Dimmer is used to adjust the light of Led Floor Light, There can be two general aspects of foot dimmer switch. Foot dimmer switch for led floor lamp brightness adjustment: the brightness of the lamps can be adjusted to meet the needs of use. Foot dimmer switch for led floor lamp adjust the color temperature: generally three files: 3000K, 4000K and 6500K three color temperature adjustment. Inquiry foot dimmer switch for floor lamp.

 What are the benefits of LED foot dimmer switch for floor lamp?

LED foot dimmer switch refers to the brightness of LED lamps and lanterns, color temperature and even color can be adjusted, only dimmable lamps and lanterns with LED foot dimmer can do slowly light up, slowly off, different scenarios provide different brightness different color temperature, and lighting switching can be smooth transition, so that high-end smart home system, standard with dimmable lighting system.

LED Foot Dimmer Features

Smooth foot slider switch slides up to brighten, down to dim gradually through a full range of stepless dimming.
Slide into the off position to turn the power off completely. Save energy and extend bulb life by dimming lights.
Compatible with 150 Watt LED, Incandescent and Halogen.

Customer Testimonials

What our customers are saying

Customer Testimonials

We have it on the floor connected to a standing floor lamp that has 5 bulbs. At 100% it is very bright, but this dimmer works great to adjust the light level down. Easy to adjust. No humming sound is emitted from dimmer or bulbs. 

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