Lighting design methods for cafes and bars

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Lighting design for coffee shop

The lighting design of the coffee shop basically creates a relaxed and laid-back space. The business hours are mainly from morning to evening, and some stores are even open until late at night, and most of them are open for long periods of time without rest in between.

The natural light irradiated from outside the window during the day is much brighter than artificial lighting, so natural light can be introduced, and at the same time, it can create a comfortable sense of space. However, the effective use of luminous elements such as wall lighting and personalized chandeliers is also an important way to bring a sense of brightness to the shop during the day. However, if the planning is improper, it may give people a dim impression, which is prohibitive.

For night lighting, bulged reflector lamp can be arranged on the desktop, key walls, exhibits, and main areas. It is not necessary to use overall lighting, and sufficient brightness can be obtained by the reflected light generated by the light shining on the desktop, wall surface, and display products. In addition, in order to make the lighting environment suitable for the needs of different situations during the day, evening and night, types of smart bulbs can be added to achieve a balanced brightness.

Bar lighting design

The lighting of the bar is mainly on the bar counter, and attention must be paid to the line of sight of customers on the bar counter and the line of sight of customers sitting in general seats when they look at the bar counter. Most of the customers who come to the bar will set up one or two people in each group, so light and shadow can be used to create a private atmosphere.

Bars are also places where customers stay for a long time, so more attention must be paid to lighting so that customers can be impressed by the sights they see when they sit in their seats. In particular, the shelves and display items behind the bar are most suitable for using indirect lighting to make the visual focus. Edison bulbs wholesale, led foot dimmers, outdoor string light, etc. can be used extensively. In addition, the lighting of the bar pays more attention to the inner feelings of customers, so it is best to arrange dramatic lighting to improve the indoor effect.

In terms of technique, although the effect of using indirect lighting or standing lights is good, the use of halogen spotlights with a small light distribution range can enhance the contrast between light and dark and create an extraordinary atmosphere.

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