Advantages of G9 G4 LED Bulbs

The development and popularization of G9 G4 LED bulb factory technology has led to continuous innovation of lighting products. Today, there are a dazzling array of LED lighting products on the lighting market.

In today's more and more abundant lighting products, we found that some traditional special-shaped lamps are still very popular, such as our star product in the market: G9 G4 LED bulbs.

Whether it is online e-commerce sales or offline physical wholesale, G9 G4 LED bulbs are very large-scale products. Edison invented the incandescent light bulb in 1879, and the G9 G4 LED light bulb based on the incandescent light bulb is still selling well today. In today's more and more abundant products, why do G9 G4 LED bulbs have such a charm? What are its advantages and disadvantages? The G9 G4 LED bulb factory believes that the main reasons are as follows:

1. What matters is the ease of use and replacement of the G9 G4 LED bulbs

In rural areas or old houses, incandescent lamps or energy-saving lamps were originally used, and it is very simple and convenient to directly replace G4 G9 LED bulbs; and because G9 G4 LED bulbs are easy to use and replace, many people will give priority to renovating new houses. Use light bulbs or energy-saving lamps, after all, you need to consider that if the lamp fails in the future, it can be easily replaced.

2. G9 G4 LED bulbs are widely used

Table lamps, floor lamps, living room chandeliers, crystal lamps, wall lamps and many other lamps use G9 G4 LED bulbs as light sources; these lamps are expensive, the main cost is on the lamp body, and the light source cost is low; G9 G4 LED bulbs are used as the light source, when the light source is broken When the lamp is out, the light source can be replaced at a low cost, and the whole lamp does not need to be repaired, which reduces the use and maintenance cost.

Due to the large number of G9 G4 LED bulbs, compared with other lighting products, the price of G9 G4 LED bulbs is much cheaper and relatively more cost-effective.

The continued popularity of the G9 G4 LED bulbs goes hand in hand with their ease of use, versatility and affordable price!

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