How to Choose LED Lamps for the Study?

The study is a very important place for us. If we are in the study at night, we need to use lights. If the g4 g9 LED bulbs in the study are not selected properly, it will have a great impact on our eyesight. Therefore, for the interior lighting design, how to choose the study lamps?

1. The color temperature of the g4 g9 LED bulbs in the study should be suitable for reading without hurting the eyes

When choosing g4 g9 LED bulbs, there are certain requirements for its color. If we don't pay attention to the color selection of a lamp when we decorate the study, it will directly affect the eyesight of the family, and the damage to the eyes will be even greater. big. This will directly cause great harm to our health, so we must pay attention to the color of the lamp when choosing.

When decorating the study, choose g4 g9 LED light bulbs. It is recommended to choose a light yellow and soft light. This color can not only meet our needs for light, but also not make us feel that such light is dazzling. We can also place a desk lamp with stronger light on our desk, but for our eyes, we need to buy a desk lamp that protects our eyes.

2. The brightness of LED light bulbs in the study should not be too strong

If we choose a dim color for the g4 g9 LED light bulbs in the study, it will have a relatively large impact on our eyesight, and it will make our eyes feel particularly hard when we are studying. You will feel tired. But you can't choose lamps with particularly strong light, which will only add fatigue to our vision, and it will also be very detrimental to our health.

3. The style of the study g4 g9 LED light bulb is simple

When arranging the g4 g9 LED bulbs in the study room, we can't use too many. This will only make us feel that the decoration of the whole study room is particularly cumbersome. The study room is a place for studying, so we still use a simple and elegant design when decorating The method is better, so that we can study and work with peace of mind.

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