Advantages and Installation Precautions of LED Track Lamps

With the continuous development of the lighting era, the fourth-generation lighting source LED has attracted more and more attention. Moreover, the LED light source is also constantly innovating, and there are more and more types, which will naturally have different uses according to their respective characteristics.

Let's learn about LED track lamp together ! LED track lamps are track lights with LED as the light source.

What are the advantages of LED track lamps?

  • LED cold light source, no radiation, no heavy metal pollution, super functional, natural color, rich, high brightness, low frequency flash, energy saving and healthier;

  • High-efficiency optical-grade lens, low light loss, good illumination;

  • High-power transformer, perfect combination of lamps, electrical appliances, and light sources;

  • Lightweight and concise, beautiful and easy to install and replace.

When cleaning, be careful not to change the structure of the LED track lamp fixture, and do not replace some parts inside the LED track lamp fixture at will. After cleaning, the fixture should be installed in the original way. Remember not to miss any parts or install them incorrectly.

LED track lamps are mainly used for decoration, commercial space lighting, building decoration lighting, and other applicable occasions. Appropriately adjusting the brightness of the light, the color of the product is softer and more attractive under the light.

We should pay attention to the following three points when installing LED track lamps

  • Be sure to cut off the power supply first, and avoid touching the surface of the lamp with your hands during the installation process.

  • Avoid installing in places with heat sources and corrosive gases. The installation on top will affect the life of LED track lamps.

  • There should be no vibration or shaking during installation, and of course, it is necessary to confirm whether there is a risk of fire locally.

LED track lamp is a new type of LED lamp designed for commercial lighting and product display. The new track is adjustable and planned, and high-quality LED light source is selected, with simple spectrum, rich color, environmental protection and energy saving; aluminum alloy shell, lightweight and concise, beautiful and generous; high-power transformer, perfectly combined with lamps and power supply, highlighting its elegant characteristics.

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