What are the several installation methods for LED decorative light strings

Because of its lightweight, thinness, softness/long life, and high safety led decorative edison bulbs have gradually emerged in the decoration industry. However, because decorative Edison bulbs are emerging products, many customers have not used them and do not know how to install them. Next, smart led bulb manufacturing Flint will share several ways to install LED decorative lights:


Indoor installation of the string light

When LED decorative Edison bulbs are used for indoor decoration, they do not have to withstand wind and rain, so installation is very simple. There is a self-adhesive 3M double-sided tape on the back of each LED decorative lantern. When installing, you can directly remove the sticker of the 3M double-sided tape, then fix the light bar to the place where you need to install it, and just press it flat by hand. As for some places that require corners or are long, what should I do? Very simple, the LED decorative lantern is a circuit structure composed of 3 LEDs as a group in series and parallel, and every 3 LEDs can be cut and used individually.

Outdoor installation of the string light

Outdoor installation is subject to wind and rain. If 3M glue is used for fixing, the 3M glue will decrease over time and cause the LED decorative lights to fall. Therefore, outdoor installations often use card slots to fix The way to cut and connect the place, the method is the same as indoor installation, but it needs to be equipped with waterproof glue to consolidate the waterproof effect of the connection point.


Controller connection mode of the string light

LED marquee strips and RGB full-color light strips need to use a controller to achieve a changing effect, and the control distance of each controller is different. Generally speaking, the control distance of a simple controller is 10 to 15 meters, the control distance of the remote control is 15 to 20 meters, and the long control distance is 30 meters. If the connection distance of the LED decorative Edison bulbs is long and the controller cannot control the long light bar, you need to use a power amplifier for tapping.

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