How to Set up the LED Wall Dimmer?

How to choose LED wall dimmers for interior decoration?

What kind of LED wall dimmers are better?

LED wall dimmers are decorative lighting fixtures for interiors, and are generally equipped with milky glass lampshades. The bulb power is usually around 4-8 watts, the light is elegant and harmonious, and can decorate the environment elegantly and beautifully, especially suitable for newlyweds.

Types of LED wall dimmers

There are many types and styles of LED wall dimmers, usually including ceiling lights, color-changing wall lights, bedside wall lights, mirror front wall lights, etc.

Ceiling lights are mostly installed in balconies, stairs, corridors, and bedrooms, and are suitable as long-lasting lights; color-changing wall lights are mostly used during festivals and celebrations; bedside wall lights are mostly installed above the left side of the bed, with a head that can rotate flexibly for concentrated light beam and easier reading; mirror front wall lights are mostly used for decoration near the mirror in the washroom.

Installation of LED wall dimmers

The height of LED wall dimmers installation should slightly exceed the line of sight. The illuminance of LED wall dimmers should not be too high, so as to be more artistic and infectious.

The selection of lampshades for LED wall dimmers should be determined according to the wall color. For example, for walls with white or milky yellow colors, light green or light blue lampshades are recommended; for walls with lake green or sky blue colors, milky white, light yellow, or brown lampshades are suitable. In this way, a conspicuous LED wall dimmer can be decorated on a large area of single-color wall surface, giving people a feeling of elegant freshness.

The wires connecting LED wall dimmers should be of light colors, so as to be coated with paint of the same color as the wall, to maintain the cleanliness of the wall. In addition, a small groove that exactly fits the size of the wire can be chiseled on the wall first, and then the wire can be embedded in and filled with lime before painting with the same color as the wall.

If bedside wall lights and sofa wall lights have been installed, bedside table lamps and floor lamps for the sofa can be omitted. This is convenient, practical, and beautiful.

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