Life and Light Output

LED Edison lamps have a longer lifespan than conventional filament, halogen and CFL lamps. Usually a LED lamp’s life span is 25000hours, it will last over 22 years (at 3 hours per day) against a filament lamp of less than a year and a CFL of just over 9 years.


Dimming with LED

Dimming LED lamps can save energy and changes the visual appearance and mood of your space. Our bulbs have a smooth dimming from 0-100%. Our led dimmer has three types, led wall dimmerled foot dimmer and led table dimmer.


How to Choose CCT for Your Bulbs?

Extra Warm White 2200K

The warm tones of this temperature give off a dim glow of light, similar to what you might find from candlelight; best for low-light areas where ambient illumination is welcomed. This is less commonly used but appropriate for the right setting.

Warm/Soft White 2700K

Kelvin produces a warm and inviting color of light. It is general the color of incandescent lighting. Choose a 2700 Kelvin bulb if the environment includes brown woods or warm colors like red, gold or orange.

Cool/Pure White 3000K

Kelvin is a cool and vibrant color of illumination. It’s preferred for work spaces, kitchen and bathrooms because of its closeness to morning light. Choose a 3000 Kelvin bulb for environments utilizing lots of cool colors like blue, green, or white. Grey Neutrals and stainless materials also go well with this range of light. For a cooler light, find a light closer to 4000K.

Daylight 5000K

Kelvin is considered sunlight at high noon. It has a stark white or bluish appearance. This invigorating color should be used for security lighting,  displaying artwork as well as commercial applications.


How about EDT for Each Purchase Order?

We supply 30 days EDT for each purchase order, but recent years whole world is short of IC, EDT therefore extends to 40-45 days.


Certificate for Bulbs

UL, title 20, title 24 for USA Market

CE for European Market

Nom standards for Mexico

PSE for Japan