What Are the Characteristics of the Smart Light Lamp?

Compared with ordinary desk lamps, smart lamps have more advantages. Smart lights can not only prevent radiation but also automatically adjust the brightness of the light to achieve the effect of protecting the eyes. So what is a smart light? What are the characteristics of smart lights? The following is an introduction to these.

What are the types of smart bulbs control?

Smart light lamp is a new type of smart led bulb manufacturing characterized by control, lighting effects, creation, sharing, light and music interaction, and health benefits.

Smart lamps are not traditional lamps, but a kind of smart device. In addition to the smart light body, there is also a handheld smart control device. The smart light control device has computing capabilities and network connection capabilities. Through the application, the function can be continuously expanded. The core functions of smart lights are control, lighting effects, creation, sharing, the interaction of light and music, and promotion of health and happiness.

Intelligent control:

1. Different lighting effects are matched with life scenes;

2. Create lighting effects;

3. Share lighting effects;

4. Interaction between light and music;

5. Light can help sleep, improve health (such as the treatment of seasonal affective disorder) and other functions;

6. It is only helpful for dating, dining, fitness, etc., and has the function of improving happiness.

Types of smart bulbs remote control

Smart light products mainly involve remote control LCD switch series and remote control series. Recently there is an emerging smart wifi LED bulb on the market. Compared with traditional lighting, smart lights can achieve management such as LCD, touch screen dimming, one-key scenes, one-to-one remote control, and full-on and off of partition lights.

Types of smart bulbs wireless remote control

The smart LED lamp can realize wireless remote control and timing control. The types of smart light bulbs remote control distance is greater than 50 meters, and it can pass through walls and floors. The normal use of the touch screen is more than 300,000 times.

Types of smart bulbs scene control

Smart lights support touch control. Use your finger to gently press the remote control, you can sit on the sofa to control all the lamps in the house, and adjust the brightness at will. Types of smart light bulbs can be flexibly set in scenes such as meeting guests, dining, audio-visual, leisure, and entertainment.

Types of smart bulbs smart sensor

The intelligent sensor lamp uses the sensor device to achieve the effect of "the light turns on when people and cars come, and the light goes off when people and cars leave." This kind of induction device can intelligently control the opening and closing of the lamps, without any manual operation, and is suitable for various automatic lighting places such as corridors, corridors, basements, garages, warehouses, etc. There are also smart string lights outdoor.

The above is the introduction of smart lights and the characteristics of smart lights. It can be seen from the above that the application of smart lights is more in line with the needs of modern people, and it can provide people with smarter and more convenient lighting.

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