Type A Standard Bulb

Wifi remotely operates smart bulbs from any location via the Smart Life app.2.4GHz Wi-Fi network.No hub required,2700-6500K,800 Lumens Brightness.

The working principle of this smart light bulb adopts the core technology of the embedded Internet of Things, embeds the intercommunication core module into the energy-saving light bulb, and introduces the software mechanism of interactive services into the living room. Relying on the support of the cloud service platform, Alexa light bulb constitutes the linkage of room lighting and power deployment and has social networking. 

Types of A Smart Bulbs

As a professional China smart LED light supplier, we provide customers with two different types of smart light bulbs, including A19 Smart Bulbs (2200-6500k) and A19 Smart Full Color Bulbs. The two bulbs have different models, different functions, and light colors. Different LED smart bulbs can meet the needs of different consumers. If you are looking for reliable smart light bulb manufacturers and are interested in type A LED bulbs, please contact us. Flintlight, one of the leading China smart light suppliers, specializes in providing the best smart light solution to our customers.

A19 Smart Bulbs (2200-6500k)
A19 Smart Bulbs (2200-6500k)
A19 tuya smart bulb,2200-6000K CCT adjustable.
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A19 Smart Full Color Bulbs
A19 Smart Full Color Bulbs
A19 tuya smart bulb, RED, BLUE, GREEN, WHITE adjustable.
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FAQ of A Shape Smart Bulbs


How to Use Smart Lights Better/Your Quick Guide to Smart Light Bulbs

You can use an intelligent lighting control system to control type A standard bulbs for scene changes. There can be multiple lighting circuits in the same room. After adjusting the brightness of each circuit to achieve a certain lighting atmosphere, it is called the scene. Different scenes can be preset by the system to create different lighting environments and the fade in and fade out time when switching scenes can make the lights soft and change. In addition, the clock controller can be used to make the light change according to the sunrise and sunset of each day or at a regular time. The automatic control of standard base led bulbs is achieved by using various sensors and remote controllers.

Standard lamp light bulbs can simulate various light environments to guide and improve emotions. Various kinds of type A smart bulbs are provided, such as Wi-Fi smart light bulbs, smart RGB light bulbs, bright white smart bulbs, Bluetooth smart led bulbs, smart fluorescent light bulbs and so on. Different watts of lights are also offered, including type A light bulb 60 watts. Type A15 smart bulbs are also in good sale. If you want to buy type A smart bulbs, please contact us.


Where are A-Shape Light Bulbs Used?

The A-shape smart bulb can also be placed on any surface, and the product can also be used as a small desk lamp, night light, bedside lamp. Application scenarios: homes, bedrooms, living rooms, kitchens, bathrooms, bars, hotels, offices, conference rooms, computer rooms, internet cafes, basements, smoking areas, steam rooms, shops, beauty salons, restaurants, cafes, fast food shops , Tea House! Especially in restaurants, tourist areas and other entertainment and leisure places, A-shape bulbs are widely used. If you want to learn more wifi smart light bulb, please contact us!

Bluetooth Smart LED Bulb Features 

The bluetooth smart bulb can be customized to adjust the color, users can according to their own needs and different application scenarios, this bluetooth smart LED bulb has assembled more than 16 million colors composed of RGB three primary colors, and the color change can be realized through the mobile phone APP. Different colors can be adjusted, and the ideal brightness can be adjusted according to actual lighting needs. There are also built-in 20 scene modes. Users can choose different lighting scenes according to their needs. 

The Difference Between Standard LED Light Bulbs and RGB Smart Bulb 

Smart RGB light bulbs achieve a new level of energy saving through the perfect integration of LED, sensing technology and control technology. When a person enters the detection range of the sensor, the smart channel light will automatically light up. When the person leaves, the light will be turned off after a delay of OFF time. There is a kind of smart floodlight bulb that controls the brightness, switch and color of the bulb through the remote control.

Standard edison bulb are composed of light-emitting diodes, which are semiconductor light sources that can convert electrical energy into visible light, and cannot realize automatic adjustment.

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