Five Functions of a Smart Light Bulb

Since smart hardware became popular in 2014, more and more traditional products have begun to move closer to "smart", including light bulbs. However, are these so-called intelligences really smart? Is smart bulb a real pain point or a fake demand? This article summarizes the five major functions of current smart bulbs.

There are many types of smart bulbs, and each of them has a different function.

Ⅰ. smart led bulb manufacturing can adjust brightness

The basic function of the smart bulb is to adjust the brightness of the light through APP, etc., to avoid the trouble of having to use light dimmers for LED lights.

Ⅱ. Smart led bulb manufacturing can be controlled remotely at any time

Many smart led bulb manufacturing have remote control functions. When you are not at home, you can use the light switch to pretend that there is someone at home to deter thieves and other criminals. You can also use this function to turn off the lights at home in time to save energy. Finally, you can use one APP to control multiple lights, which saves time.

Ⅲ.Smart led bulb manufacturing can change colors

Can the brightness of the light reflect your mood? In fact, many smart light bulbs can further use the color of the light to reflect the user's mood. At present, there are even some smart lights that can call 1.6 million colors. You can use the APP to select any color you like. You can even use voice software to tell it what color you want.

In this regard, some people even listed the different types of smart light bulbs represented by different colors of light for users' reference.

1. If you want to make the room feel warmer, use warm yellow light;

2. If you want to cool the room, use light blue light;

3. When a party is held, different lights can be set according to the theme;

4. The lights can be adjusted to red and green at Christmas, and blue at Hanukkah;

5. If you want to change the wall color, without painting, you only need to adjust the ratio of blue, yellow, and red to synthesize any color of the wall.

Ⅳ. Smart led bulb manufacturing can play music

Some smart lights have added a speaker module, which can download and play songs from the Internet under the control of the APP, thereby replacing traditional speakers. And there is an emerging Bluetooth smart light bulb on the market. Such smart bulbs can also expand the distribution range of speakers to every room and every corner. No matter where the user is, they can enjoy music.

Ⅴ. Smart led bulb manufacturing help sleep

The light of different color temperatures emitted by smart bulbs can regulate the production of melatonin in the human body. During the day, specific light can be used to inhibit the production of melatonin, allowing users to work more efficiently during the day. Smart light bulbs at night can promote the production of this hormone, helping to form a better sleep.

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