What Are the Advantages of Smart Light Lamp ?

Smart LED lamp is an indispensable part of smart homes. With increasing flexibility and precision, it has become widely used and is no longer a novelty. In fact, it has become the choice for many businesses and households. Modern people expect lighting to bring them more experiences. So, what are the advantages of smart light lamp?

Automatic dimming

The intelligent lighting control system can work automatically in several basic states, which will switch automatically according to a pre-set time and adjust the illumination to a suitable level.

Making the most of natural light

Adjustable building equipment (such as blinds) with controllable light function can be used to adjust and control natural light and can be linked with the lighting system. When the weather changes, the system can adjust automatically to maintain the predetermined level of illumination indoors, regardless of the location or weather change.

Uniform illumination

General lighting designers will set the initial illumination high when designing lighting for new buildings, considering the attenuation of the smart LED lamp efficiency and the room's wall reflectivity over time. However, this kind of design not only causes inconsistencies in illumination during the same usage period (or between decoration periods), but also leads to unnecessary energy waste due to the initial high illumination. By using intelligent lighting control, although the illumination will still be set relatively high, the system can maintain uniform illumination in the lighting area at a constant brightness according to the predetermined standard level, regardless of the reduction in lighting efficiency and wall reflectivity attenuation.

Smart light lamp environment scenario conversion

The intelligent lighting control system can pre-set different scene modules, and users can call up the required scenes by operating the corresponding control panel when needed. Users can also adjust the scenes in real-time with the programmable control panel to meet different requirements. In addition, users can use a portable programmer to set different scene changes through the interface.

Energy-saving during operation

The intelligent lighting control system can intelligently dim most lights (including incandescent lamps, fluorescent lamps, sodium lamps equipped with special ballasts, mercury lamps, neon lamps, etc.) to provide full lighting to where needed, when needed. Turning off unnecessary lights in time and making full use of natural light can effectively save energy. Implementing intelligent lighting control can generally save 20% to 40% of electricity, not only reducing the users' electricity expenses but also easing the power supply pressure.

Extending the life of light sources

As we all know, overvoltage is the main reason for light source damage. Reducing the working voltage appropriately can extend the life of a light source. The smart lighting control system adopts soft-starting to control the impulse voltage and surge voltage of the power grid, which can protect the filament from thermal shock and extend the life of the light source by two to four times. This has special significance for areas with a large number of light sources and difficult installations.

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