What Are the Functions of Smart Light Lamp?

With the acceleration of the intelligent process, everyone can feel that many furniture pieces in life are becoming more intelligent and humanized. The smart TV or intelligent socket we often use can make our life more convenient. Now many design merchants begin to pay attention to the intelligence of lamps. The intelligence of lamps is mainly reflected in terms of lighting control and lighting effect. People can turn on and off various functions of lamps through their own mobile devices. Today, we will introduce a smart light lamp in detail.

What is a smart light lamp?

A smart light lamp is not a traditional lamp but a kind of smart device. In addition to the smart light lamp's body, there is also a handheld intelligent control device. The smart led bulb manufacturing control device has the ability of computing and network connection. Through the application program, the function can be continuously expanded. The core functions of the smart light lamp are control; lighting effect, creation, sharing; interaction between light and music; improve health and happiness.

Smart led bulb manufacturing functions in daily life

The sleep mode in the smart light lamp refers to the scientific sleep light mode. It provides a sleep light mode that can promote melatonin secretion based on the existing medical research results about the regulation rate of the sleeping light slowly darkened to help users sleep better. At the same time, light is closely related to physiological rhythm. Professional light therapy lighting mode can also help solve jet lag, treat insomnia, regulate and develop the healthy habit of going to bed and getting up early, and treat seasonal emotional disorders.

Smart light lamps can naturally improve health at home. Light is closely related to emotion. Medical research has proved that orange light can promote appetite. Through control technology, smart led bulb manufacturing can adjust the proportion of various types of smart light bulbs colors and brightness to help users maintain better emotion when at home in life scenes such as fitness, dining, gathering, and dating. Light can improve their sense of happiness.

Types of smart bulbs wireless remote control of smart light lamp

The types of smart bulbs can realize wireless remote control and timing control. The remote control distance is greater than 50m, can cross walls and floors, and the normal service life of the touch screen is more than 300000 times.

Scene control: press the remote control with your fingertips. You can sit on the sofa and control all the lamps at home and adjust the brightness at will. You can set the scene at will for reception, dining, audio-visual, leisure and entertainment. For example, Flint's smart led bulb manufacturing smart space has 63 kinds of smart light lamps' combination light effects.

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