What Aspects Should I Look for in the Maintenance of G9 G4 Led Bulbs?

G4 G9 led bulbs will inevitably have defects in production, and the repair of defective g4 g9 led bulbs is a matter that requires special attention. Because G9 G4 LED bulbs are easy to be scrapped due to improper operation during maintenance.

1. Anti-static for G4 G9 Led Bulbs

Since LEDs are static-sensitive components, if you do not take anti-static measures when repairing G4 G9 led bulbs, the LEDs will be burnt out, resulting in waste. It should be noted here that the soldering iron must use an anti-static soldering iron, and the maintenance personnel must also take anti-static measures (such as wearing an electrostatic ring, and anti-static gloves).

2. Continuous high temperature of G4 G9 Led Bulbs

The two important components of LED strips, LED and FPC, are products that cannot withstand high temperatures continuously. If the FPC continues to be at high temperature or exceeds its withstand temperature, it will cause the FPC cover film to foam, which will directly lead to the scrapping of the LED strip.

At the same time, the G4 G9 led bulbs cannot sustain high temperature, and the high temperature for a long time will burn out the chip. Therefore, the soldering iron used when repairing the LED light strip must be a temperature-controlled soldering iron, and the temperature is limited within a range, and it is forbidden to change and set it at will.

Also, even so, be careful not to leave the soldering iron on the LED pins for more than 10 seconds when servicing. If you exceed this time, it is likely to burn the chip of the G9 G4 LED bulb.

3. Short circuit of G9 G4 LED bulbs

Many G4 G9 led bulb strips are defective due to shorted pins, so be sure to find out the real cause of the defect before it can be repaired. Otherwise, after rashly replacing the bad G9 G4 LED bulb, it will continue to cause the LED chip to be broken down by short-circuit current when it is powered on again.

Therefore, before replacing a new G9 G4 LED bulb, it is necessary to find out the real cause of the failure, so that the correct remedy can do more with less.

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