ST Smart Bulbs

ST smart bulb is a new form of bulb products. ST smart light bulbs fully reflect the lighting development trend of energy conservation, health, artistry and humanization, and have become the leading of room lighting culture.

Types of ST Smart Bulbs

ST19 Smart Bulbs (2200-6500K)
ST19 Smart Bulbs (2200-6500K)
ST19 tuya smart bulb, 2200-6000K CCT adjustable.
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ST19 Smart Full Color Bulbs
ST19 Smart Full Color Bulbs
ST19 tuya smart bulb, RED, BLUE, GREEN, WHITE adjustable.
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FAQ of ST Smart Bulbs


Benefits of ST Smart Bulbs

ST smart bulb is the first energy-saving bulb. Under the same brightness, the power consumption of the ST smart bulb is only 1 / 10 of that of an ordinary incandescent lamp and 1 / 2 of that of a fluorescent tube.

In view of the situation that multiple smart bulbs are installed in the room, ST smart bulbs can dynamically scan other smart bulbs during normal operation, and automatically realize networking linkage, so as to realize the special situational lighting requirements of user-defined room scenes. Users can even deploy the color of landscape photos to their own rooms with one click during travel.


Great Lighting Scenes For ST Smart Bulbs

Get up: the user can set the appropriate brightness for the smart light bulb, and the light will slowly turn on in the morning to wake you up gently.

Sleep: this light bulb can create comfortable and warm light at night, and gradually darken before falling asleep to promote sleep.

Dating: smart light bulbs can be set in different colors, and they can be adjusted into subtle romantic colors on date night. 

ST smart bulb has a variety of colors and dimming functions, which can provide unlimited lighting possibilities.

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