Tips to Help You Choose the Right LED Track Lamp

What is LED track lamp?

LED track lamp, also known as spotlights, is a unique type of spotlight. It uses high-quality LED light sources that have a pure spectrum, various colors, and flexible adjustable angles, which has gained popularity among customers. The light emitted from the reflection cup with different emission angles in different scenarios can make the original object show different charms! Its main application is directional lighting, such as showcase lighting, liquor cabinet lighting, and TV wall auxiliary lighting.

In recent years, LED track lamp has been widely used in lighting case studies for clothing stores, playing a critical role in showcasing their products! However, many clothing stores or decoration companies that purchase lighting fixtures will encounter difficulties in accurately selecting the most suitable LED track lamp for their needs.

What are the factors to consider when purchasing LED track lamp?


For the same 7W track lighting, some models sell for over one hundred yuan, while others only cost a few dozen yuan each; why is that? All have the same power of 7W. Many small factories now use iron or plastic shells to save costs.

Industry insiders know that LED heat dissipation is the most critical part. If the heat dissipation is poor, the best-case scenario is that the LED light will not be used for long before experiencing a gradual decrease in brightness. In the worst-case scenario, the LED light will be burnt out. Hence, quality will be the most important factor for everyone when selecting lighting fixtures.

Light source

Many consumers now order LED track lamp based only on power and price without paying attention to the core part—the light source. The light source, especially lights of the same brand, also varies in quality. The core of the light source is the chip, and the chip's size, packaging method, etc., all affect its price.

Choose high-quality products

LED track lamp is generally used to reinforce the lighting of decorative objects, embedded into the ceiling or wall. As spotlights heat up substantially, it is necessary to purchase high-quality products to avoid safety hazards.

The above are the selection techniques provided by us for LED track lamp. Our company is committed to creating a top lighting brand. After years of development, it has become a professional brand occupying a place in the lighting industry. Our technology research and development team is China's leading professional team.

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