Types and Usage of LED Track Lamp

LED track lamp, as the name suggests, is a light installed on a track. It can adjust the illumination angle at will and is generally used as a spotlight in places where focused lighting is needed.

Due to its flexible installation characteristics, it is generally used as a specific type of spotlight. It is mostly used in commercial places such as shopping malls (clothing stores, furniture stores, brand specialty stores), car exhibitions, jewelry, star-rated hotels, brand clothing, high-end clubs, cultural and historical exhibition halls, chain stores, brand sales halls, professional shop windows, counters and other key lighting places.

Styles of LED track lamps

The lamp body structure of the track light is similar to that of the downlight, but it is equipped with a track part and an electrical part to make it more flexible to install and use. The basic styles of LED track lamps are divided into three types:

  • The electrical part is set above the track light body;

  • The electrical part is connected to the track light body;

  • The electrical part is externally attached and not glued to the track light fixture.

Different track light styles can be flexibly selected according to different projects and space requirements.

Styles of track for LED track lamps

With different lamp styles, naturally there are different track styles to choose from, and different track accessories can also be equipped to facilitate everyone to try different track forms.

There are generally three types of track: single-circuit track, two-circuit track, and three-circuit track.

When designing, consider the combination of lamp control and track type, the track has a standard length, and there are various styles of connecting heads and connectors to facilitate track connection and various turning installations. Flexible adjustment can be made according to different ceiling directions and installation requirements in actual applications.

Installation methods of LED track lamps

The final installation form of LED track lamps is determined by the installation method of the track. There are generally four installation methods for the track: surface installation, wall installation, embedded (with frame), and embedded (without frame).

  • Surface installation

This installation method eliminates the track part, so the ceiling will look clean and tidy.

However, when using this installation method, special attention should be paid to the installation position and angle. The installation position and number of track lights should be determined in the design stage; at the same time, the projection direction and purpose of the lamps should be considered, as well as the combination with people's activities and furniture placement methods.

  • Suspension track installation

This installation method is powerful, hanging the track in the air, similar to the installation of chandeliers.

When using this installation method, attention should be paid to designing the installation method and angle in advance.

  • Concealed track

At first glance, this installation method is somewhat similar to surface installation, but it actually hides the track part inside the ceiling. A groove is designed in the ceiling to install the track part inside the groove.

It is worth noting that the LED track lamps selected for the concealed track installation method must be low, compact, and avoid too much exposure of the lamps to avoid a cluttered ceiling. At the same time, attention should be paid to the size of the opening of the groove to avoid the edge of the groove blocking the lamp's light output port.

  • Recessed track

This installation method is relatively shallow compared to the concealed installation method. The track is flush with the ceiling groove, and there is no situation where the lamp's light output port is blocked, so there is not much restriction on the choice of lamps.

  • Hidden installation

The biggest feature of this installation method is that the track is not exposed and can be embedded in the side and ceiling. However, the requirements for the lamps are relatively high. Due to their special installation characteristics, track lights with large adjustable angles must be selected to achieve ideal light direction control.

  • Other expression forms

With the diversification of scene requirements, manufacturers are also brainstorming, and track lights have become more flexible and more visually appealing.

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