Challenges to LED Lighting Industry

Ⅰ. The core technology of LED lighting is relatively weak

A large portion of China's LED lighting products is exported, as the developed countries/regions bulk Edison bulbs markets in Europe and the United States differ from the domestic markets. They have strict entry barriers, an established trust management mechanism, high-tech regulations, and stringent safety standards. Edison bulbs wholesale products establish market entry conditions.

However, the core technologies of Chinese LED lighting companies in high-end materials, optical design, power management, and heat dissipation technology have been in a relatively weak state for a long time. LED lighting companies have no competitive advantage in technology, which has exported Chinese LED lighting products to Europe and the United States. Major obstacles in developed countries/regional markets.

Ⅱ. The brand influence of China's LED lighting companies is weak

From the standpoint of global development, the current global LED lighting industry has formed a three-legged industry distribution and competition pattern dominated by the three major regions: the United States, Asia, and Europe, and it has demonstrated that Japan, the United States, and Germany are the industry leaders. Taiwan and South Korea followed closely, and China, Malaysia, and other countries/regions actively followed the distribution of echelons.

Some international giants hold a significant market share in the high-end smart led bulb manufacturing market, each with their characteristics in products and markets, forming a complete LED lighting industry chain, and using their innovative advantages in new products and new technologies, mainly engaged in The production of high-value-added products masters key core technologies such as high-end materials, optical design, power management, and heat dissipation technology, mainly engaged in

However, China's LED lighting companies have a weak ability to increase value-added brands or pursue sales scale but ignore brand building. There are fewer brand companies with international competitiveness.

Ⅲ. The homogeneity competition of LED lighting is serious

Product homogeneity has always been one of the problems that plagued Chinese LED lighting companies. Due to the rapid growth of the LED lighting market, some small and medium-sized businesses invest less in product and technology research and development. They are primarily to seize market share through lower prices, resulting in some disorderly competition and product homogeneity in the LED lighting industry. These problems affect the profitability of LED lighting companies and are not conducive to the health and sustainable development of the LED lighting industry.

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