What Are the Development Characteristics of Smart Light Bulbs Market ?

Smart bulbs are a new type of bulb that is both healthy and energy-efficient, as well as decorative. They have gained consumer acceptance since their inception. So, let us go over the features of smar...

12 2021.06

What Are the Functions of Smart Light Lamp?

With the acceleration of the intelligent process, everyone can feel that many furniture pieces in life are becoming more intelligent and humanized. The smart TV or intelligent socket we often use can ...

11 2021.17

What Are the Main Aspects Should Consider when Buying Smart Bulbs?

1. Consider the overall situation of the smart bulbWhen we choose a smart bulb, we need to consider the overall situation of the bulb. Generally speaking, the overall workmanship of a high-quality sma...

11 2021.03

What Are the Purchasing Skills of Smart Lamps?

Smart light lamps have many advantages and good performance. Smart light lamps are widely used in our daily life, especially in the advertising industry. almost all people will choose smart LED lamps ...

10 2021.20

What Are the Advantages of Using LED Smart Bulbs?

The LED smart bulbs is no different from the traditional smart bulbs, but it is equipped with a control system and connecting communication module, which can change the color at will and make a variet...

10 2021.06

What Are the Characteristics of the Smart Light Lamp?

Compared with ordinary desk lamps, smart lamps have more advantages. Smart lights can not only prevent radiation, but also automatically adjust the brightness of the light to achieve the effect of pro...

09 2021.24

Five Functions of a Smart Light Bulb

Since smart hardware became popular in 2014, more and more traditional products have begun to move closer to "smart", including light bulbs. However, are these so-called intelligences really...

09 2021.17

Industry Characteristics and Profit Trends of LED Lighting

In recent years, the production capacity of the LED lighting industry has expanded rapidly, resulting in low industry concentration and fierce market competition. And many small and medium-sized LED l...

09 2021.10

Three Common Dimming Principles of LED Dimmers

The LED dimmer is actually an electrical device that can change the luminous flux of the light source in the device and adjust the illuminance level. The main function of the dimmer is to adjust the b...

09 2021.03

What are the several installation methods for LED decorative light strings

Because of its lightweight, thinness, softness/long life, and high safety led decorative lights have gradually emerged in the decoration industry.

08 2021.10