Installation and Wiring Methods for the LED Track Lamp

In the process of decoration, everyone knows the importance of lighting fixtures. Different lighting can bring different effects. In recent years, track lights have been favored by many people. If used at home, they can greatly enhance the atmosphere. So, do you know how to install it after purchasing? How to handle the wiring? Below, let's take a look at the installation method and wiring of LED track lamps.

Installation method of LED track lamps

  • Track spotlights include rails, lamp holders installed on the rails, lamp heads fixed on the lamp holders, and lamps installed in the lamp heads. The top of the track has two conductive strips and a long groove at the bottom.

  • The top of the lamp holder is the top plate, and there are two raised elastic terminals at the top of the top plate.

  • The top plate of the lamp holder is inserted into the track, and the two elastic terminals of the top plate are in contact with the two conductive strips in the track. The utility model can directly embed the lamp holder into the track, so that the lamp holder can be moved horizontally to adjust the light projection position. Compared with traditional lighting, it has the advantages of small size, low power consumption, high luminous efficiency, and convenient adjustment and movement of the position.

How to wire LED track lamps?

When wiring an LED track lamp, just connect the wires on the transformer and the power supply line in series. The focus is on the wiring of the electronic transformer. In principle, there are four wires on the electronic transformer, of which the two front wires are connected to the two sides of the lamp and the two end wires are connected to the power supply line. After connecting them, turn on the power and the lights will come on.

Precautions for installation of LED track lamps

Install the spotlights in the appropriate place of the track, pay attention to the matching between the track and the connector of the lamp, three-circuit track with three-circuit connector/single-circuit track with single-circuit connector. There is a certain directionality when the track and the connector are installed: the three-circuit track has a groove, and the corresponding connector has a protrusion. Pay attention to the mating of the two when installing. After the spotlights are installed, adjust the horizontal and vertical angles of the lamps according to the projection target position to ensure that the spotlights can effectively project the illuminated object.

Above is the related content of the LED track lamp installation, I hope it will be helpful for everyone.

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