Analysis of the Advantages of the LED Track Lamp

More and more people are now aware of the LED track lamp, which is widely used in lighting places such as shopping centres, car displays, jewelry, brand clothing, cultural relics exhibition halls, chain malls, and brand business halls. It is an ideal light source to replace traditional halogen lamps and metal halide lamps.

With the continuous development of electronic technology, new and diverse styles of LED track lamps flood the market with different shapes and flexible designs. Its extensive applications are inseparable from its outstanding advantages:

  • The LED track lamp uses LED as its light source, and its characteristics include low heat emission, no radiation, no heavy metal pollution, a more natural colour than other lights, high luminous power, and no harmful substances such as mercury. It is a healthy and environmentally friendly light source.

  • The obvious benefit of the LED track lamp is energy-saving. Under the same brightness, the LED track lamp consumes only 40% to 60% of the power required by a regular metal halide track light. The energy consumption of white LED is only 1/10 of that of incandescent light and 1/4 of that of energy-saving light. Its energy-saving capability is incredibly strong.

  • Of course, the longevity of this kind of LED track lamp is of great concern to many people. However, you don't have to worry about it because its lifespan can reach more than a hundred thousand hours, while the lifespan of a regular metal halide track light is only around 8,000 hours, already several times less than that of the LED track lamp.

  • The LED track lamp commonly uses 120V or 220V DC power supply with low heat emission, no thermal radiation, cold light source, touchable, and accurate control of light shape and emitting viewpoint. Its light colour is soft with no dazzling light, and it cannot harm health. The built-in micro-processing system can control the light intensity, adjust the light-emitting method, and realize the integration of light and art.

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