What Are Smart Light Bulbs? How to Choose Smart Light Bulbs?

Smart bulbs fully reflect the development trend of energy-saving, healthy, artistic, and humanized lighting, and have become the dominant lighting culture in the room. However, we believe that many friends do not know enough about smart bulbs. So now, let's introduce to you what is a smart light bulb? How to choose smart bulbs? Let's take a look together.

1. What are smart light bulbs?

Smart light bulbs are a new form of light bulb product. The core technology of the embedded Internet of Things is adopted to embed the intercommunication core module into the energy-saving light bulb. The ubiquitous birth of the Internet, the interoperability, and interaction anytime and anywhere affect the development and evolution of energy-saving light bulb products. These are smart light bulbs.

Taking the design of LED lighting bulbs as the mainstream, adopting the core technology of embedded Internet of Things, embedding the core modules of intercommunication into the energy-saving bulbs, introducing the software mechanism of interactive services into the living room, and relying on the support of the cloud service platform to form a linkage between the lighting and power deployment of the living room. This forms a social, intelligent smart light bulb system.

2. Selection of smart bulbs

(1) When we choose smart light bulbs, we should take a look at the overall situation of the light bulbs. Generally speaking, the overall workmanship of good quality smart light bulbs is relatively delicate, and every detail is closely matched. Such smart light bulbs can be used for a longer time.

(2) We also need to carefully check the structure of the lamp tube of the smart light bulb. Everyone depends on the basic situation of the light tube of the smart light bulb. Generally speaking, the color of the lamp tube of a good smart bulb is uniform, and there is no sense of chromatic aberration, which means that the heating surface of the lamp tube is uniform when used.

(3) To choose a good smart bulb for lamp, we need to see the condition of the metal ring of the smart light bulbs. Generally speaking, if the metal ring is meticulous in workmanship, and each circle is relatively uniform, it means that the workmanship of the smart bulb is very good, and there should be no major problems in using it.

(4) We can turn on the smart light bulb and try it on the spot to see if the light is very good and soft. The light of a good-quality smart bulb is very soft, and it changes according to the environment, which is also a key point for quality.

(5) We can also try the quality of smart light bulbs with our own hands. A good quality smart light bulb has a good texture and feels smoother when we touch it with our hands. Such smart light bulbs are worth buying because of their excellent workmanship.

(6) When choosing smart light bulbs, we can also measure the weight of the smart bulbs with our own hands. The quality of a good smart light bulb is relatively heavy, and it feels a little heavy to start. Such a smart light bulb shows that the quality is relatively good.

(7) When choosing smart bulbs, we should try to choose bulbs from big brands. Because there are many fake and shoddy products on the market now, and it is difficult for us to distinguish the quality from good or bad, it is also very important to choose a brand when buying smart light bulbs.

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