The Benefits and Purchase Points of Smart Bulbs

As a new form of light bulbs, smart bulbs also have the lighting functions of traditional light bulbs, which are easy to install and save energy. What's more, an embedded communication module is added accordingly, which can intelligently adjust the brightness and color through APP and infrared remote control, and one-key switch is available, which is more user-friendly. So, let's introduce to you the advantages of smart bulbs and what the key points for purchasing smart bulbs are. Come and see it together.

1. What are the benefits of choosing smart bulbs?

(1) Smart switch lights are more worry-free

Smart bulbs are more worry-free because of the convenience of their control. Through their exclusive APP, you can easily grasp the strength of the light and its opening and closing.

Generally speaking, smart bulbs mostly use the way of Wi-Fi connection. It should be noted that the APP settings of smart bulbs should be simple enough, and the control of multiple smart bulbs should be convenient enough for daily use. In addition, consumers should give priority to well-known big brand products when purchasing smart bulbs, which are better in terms of exclusive APP control and light bulb quality.

The color temperature value is also a major consideration when we choose smart bulbs. Generally speaking, smart bulbs should have an adjustment value of 3000K to 5000K of color temperature, which can meet the daily use in a variety of home environments.

(2) Long service life and energy saving are very important

As an upgraded product of traditional light bulbs, smart bulbs are also better in terms of lifespan and energy saving.

The workmanship and material selection of smart bulbs are more trustworthy. Generally speaking, to achieve the same lumen, the wattage required by smart bulbs is lower, which is more energy-saving and power-saving. In terms of service life, smart bulbs with a service life of more than 10,000 hours can effectively meet our daily use.

At the same time, smart bulbs are not only highly playable, easy to operate, but also have a long service life and are more affordable in terms of price. If you are decorating home or the traditional light bulbs in your home are broken, consider using different types of smart bulbs to light up your wonderful life easily.

2. The purchase points of smart bulbs

(1) Lighting performance

Smart bulbs need to meet the basic function of light bulbs, that is, lighting. Usually, the lighting performance of a lighting bulb is mainly measured from the aspects of brightness, color rendering, light source radiation, and heat dissipation.

(2) Price

The price of smart bulbs is the focus of everyone's attention. At present, the price of smart bulbs on the market ranges from one hundred yuan to several thousand yuan, which is much more expensive than ordinary LED lights. It needs to be clear that as long as it is a smart product with high-tech elements, the price is definitely not low.

(3) Operation bug

Many consumers have reported that once some smart bulbs are turned off and on again, the app will lose the connection to the light, and it is necessary to delete the established connection. Then it is necessary to search for the light bulb again, add it, and then adjust the color temperature. This is also what everyone needs to pay attention to when purchasing smart bulbs.

(4) Connection method

At present, there are three main ways to realize intelligent connection of smart bulbs on the market. On the whole, the Bluetooth + APP connection method has relatively obvious advantages now. Because Bluetooth supports short-distance communication between devices, it can effectively simplify the communication between devices, making data transmission more stable and fast with advantages of low energy consumption and power saving.

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