Bulged Reflector Light Bulb
TUYA LED BR30 Reflector

Tuya Smart Reflector Bulb Bulged Reflectors (BR Bulb)

BR tuya smart bulb, RED, BLUE, GREEN, WHITE adjustable, bulged reflector light bulb.

As a professional TUYA smart light bulb manufacturer, we provide high quality TUYA bulged reflector bulb. The user can increase the atmosphere of the application scene by controlling the tuya smart bulged reflector bulb, which has different colors. The bulged reflector lamp will illuminate to form a point or an aperture. If you want to learn more about TUYA smart bulb, please contact us!

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Tuya Smart Light Bulb Come in Many Base Types and Voltages

Lamp TypeVoltage(V)Power(W)Base TypeLumens(LM)FinshingCRICCT(k)/Emitting ColorPFLife(HRS)
LED BR30 reflector120V9E26800lmWhite Plastic80/90Red/Green/Blue/2700k/6500k0.7-0.925000
LED BR30 reflector220V-240V9E27800lmWhite Plastic80/90Red/Green/Blue/2700k/6500k0.7-0.925000

Where Can l Use Tuya Smart Bulb BR Shape and R Shape Bulbs?

Bulged reflector bulb lamp is a kind of floodlight and bulged reflector light bulb used for indoors. lt is a more common type and a "reflector" type lamp with a cheaper structure. Bulged reflector lamp generally produce highly diffused light with a wide-angle. Before the CFL and LED era of high-efficiency lighting, Bulged reflector lamp were an attempt to produce more efficient indoor use instead of R-type lamps. Representing "bulb reflector, the design of the BR type lamp is more strict. The smart reflector bulb is designed to reflect light more effectively. They will still produce quite soft scattered light but will be reflected in a narrower beam, so the light generated by the internal emitter (Flament, LED or CFL spiral lamp); Bulged reflector light bulb can be used more effectively. Both reflector light bulb types are used for each Kind of indoor environment. Users can choose different reflector bulb types according to their needs.

Our TUYA smart light bulb is a top-of-the-line product that utilizes the latest in LED technology to provide an energy-efficient, long-lasting, and customizable lighting solution. Our app-based control system allows for easy control of the TUYA smart light from anywhere, giving you the ability to control brightness, color, and other settings from your smartphone or tablet. With our wide variety of colors and lighting modes, you can create the perfect atmosphere for any occasion. Whether the smart light TUYA  be for a dinner party, a romantic evening, or just to light up the room, our TUYA bulb will be the perfect addition to your home.

BR30 Bulged Reflector Bulb Features

Voice Control: Smart bulged reflector bulbs that work with Alexa and Google Home.

LED br30 reflector are divided into offline voice lights and online voice lights. Offline voice lights refer to the state of the lights by controlling voice commands through the chip without the need for networking. Online voice light means that the status of the light needs to be controlled through the Internet or by downloading an APP.

Remote Control: Manage your smart bulged reflector light bulbs via phone app.

The user can control the same lamp with reflector in any place to adjust its functions, which is convenient and fast. The bulged reflector light bulb greatly facilitate and enrich people's lives.

Set your desired colors and brightness to create different ambience for party, dating, relaxing and other occasions via phone app.

Users of TUYA smart bulbs can realize the personalized management of bulged reflector lamp according to their own needs, which not only greatly meets the needs of users, but also enriches the lives of users.

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Customer Testimonials

I bought this so that I could have a light turn on automatically in the house when I come home after sundown and as a light that will turn itself on and off when away.

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