B11 Smart Full Color Bulbs
B11 Smart Full Color Bulbs

B11 Smart Full Color Bulbs

B11 tuya smart bulb, RED, BLUE, GREEN, WHITE adjustable.

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B11 Smart Full Color Bulbs Specifications

Lamp TypeVoltage(V)Power(W)Base TypeLumens (LM)FinishingCRICCT(K)/ Emitting colorPFLife(HRS)
B11120V4E26450lmClear glass80/90Red/Green/Blue/2700K0.7-0.925000
4E26450lmWhite plastic80/90Red/Green/Blue/2700K/6500K0.7-0.925000
C35220V-240V4E27450lmClear glass80/90Red/Green/Blue/2700K0.7-0.925000
4E27450lmWhite plastic80/90Red/Green/Blue/2700K/6500K0.7-0.925000

B11 Smart Full Color Bulbs Features

Voice Control: Smart bulbs that work with Alexa and Google Home.
Remote Control: Manage your smart light bulbs via phone app.
Set your desired colors and brightness to create different ambience for party, dating, relaxing and other occasions via phone app.

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Customer Testimonials

You have full control over the light bulbs including being able to remotely turn them on and off as well as dim them.

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