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Flint Lighting Co., Ltd  was established in 2015,we are a professional manufacturer and marketer of various light source and electronic products. We supply a wide variety of products to support the growing adoption of energy efficient LED applications. Providing commercial and residential lighting solutions. Adhering to our core values of "quality, integrity”, "technologyand innovation" became our core competitive edge; "reducing carbonimprint and environmental friendly" became our mission.

 For 3 years, we focus in one task—Light Source products, Flint’s full product line of CE,Erp, ENERGY STAR, UL, NSF, DOE, CEC Title 20 & JA8 ,NOM,certified indoor retrofit and new construction lighting solutionsserves the Retail, Hospitality, Food & Beverage, Office, Education &Industrial sectors through multiple distribution centers and sales networksacross the USA, EU and Latin America.