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how to clean up a broken led filament bulb

For CFL light bulb with Hg and chmestry gas inside, you should be careful about 

See the video of “how to clean up a broken CFL light bulb” posted by CNET

or on wikihow about CFL cleaning up jobs.

The processes for led filament light bulb are similar but a led filament bulb doesn't have Hg or harmful gas inside, 

here are the steps for cleaning up a broken led filament bulb revised on wikihow

1. Use rubber or latex gloves while cleaning up.

2. Collect the pieces. 

Use a broom to sweep larger pieces then use stiff paper for ssticky tepe for smaller pieces. 

Place in a large resealable freezer bag.

3. Wipe the area down with a damp paper towel. 

Place usedpaper towels in freezer bag

4. Removerubber gloves and place in freezer bag. 

Seal up the bagand bring it to a recycling or hazardous waist disposal facility.

5. Wash your hands and arms thoroughly.

6. Dispose of burned out LED Filament bulb properly. 

The broken glasses should be placed in a paper carton and WARNING outside the box.