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Some requirements for Title 20 Lighting----State Regulated LED lamps

Photometric Performance Requirements: Color rendering minimum average CRI (Ra) is 82 and minimum individual color score for R1 through R8 is 72.

The chromaticity and color consistency requirements are in Table 1 of Annex B of ANSI C78.377-2015, approximately equivalent to a 4-step MacAdam ellipse.


Rated Lifetime Requirements: Minimum rated life is 10,000 hours based on the lumen maintenance and time to failure test procedures.

Electrical Performance Requirements: Minimum power factor is 0.7 and Maximum standby power for connected lamps is 0.2 watt on and after July 1, 2019


Controls Requirements:

Have reduced flicker operation.

Not produce noise in excess of 24 A-weighted decibels at 100 percent and 20 percent outputs.

If the product cannot be reduced flicker operation using a standard phase-cut dimmer, then package must say, “dimmable with LED dimmer,” and the instructions must describe or link to a description of the compatible dimmers.

The lamp has less than 30 percent amplitude modulation at frequencies less than 200Hz at 100% and 20% light output for dimmable lamps.


Marking Requirements: In addition to manufacturer name, brand name, or trademark; model number; and date of manufacture, state-regulated LED lamps have certain requirements if manufacturers make claims about their products being dimmable, equivalent to incandescent, or of a certain wattage. Please see section 1607(d)(13) for these requirements.